The U.S. 6th Industrial Revolution Meta-Initiative (US6-MI), proposed by the U.S. Transhumanist Party's presidential nominee, Tom Ross, brings together three visionary national initiatives, namely the Earthling Initiative, the AI Initiative, and the ET Initiative. These initiatives collectively aim to shape a future where strategic human intelligence is leveraged inclusively, emerging technologies are harnessed responsibly, and non-human intelligence is disclosed comprehensively. By fostering collaboration among government, academia, industry, and the public, this Meta-Initiative seeks to navigate the challenges and opportunities
The first component of US6-MI is the Earthling Initiative. These guidelines for Strategic Human Intelligence prepare Americans for the Technological Singularity, Economic Singularity, and job displacement caused by AI/Automation. Emphasizing community collaboration and leveraging platforms like Etsy, Shopify and YouTube, it envisions a future where AI empowers individuals. With reskilling programs, community building, and a new economy based on passions, the initiative enables Americans to thrive amidst disruption. This transformative initiative will create an inclusive society where every individual can flourish. The second component, the AI Initiative, focuses on responsible AI development. It outlines guidelines and practical measures to ensure the ethical integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into society. This initiative addresses the recognition of AI rights, combatting exploitation, promoting digital defense, enhancing education through AI tutors, conducting dark audits, and exploring the Simulation Hypothesis. By adopting these measures, the AI Initiative aims to safeguard society and advance ethical AI integration. The third component, the ET Initiative, aims to achieve comprehensive disclosure of non-human intelligence and harness humanity's unique skills for participation in the galactic economy. This initiative emphasizes, including the establishment of an Earthling Task Force, fostering citizen awareness, engaging the scientific community, conducting awareness campaigns, implementing panic mitigation measures, and launching the Earth Plexus program. By navigating the complexities of disclosure and maximizing opportunities, the ET Initiative envisions a future where humanity thrives alongside non-human intelligence.

We want to use this campaign to seize back the Transhuman Narrative from those think we have a dark agenda. We want to put the "human" back in Transhuman with panels like these:

Tom Ross testified before Congress and earned a nomination as Private Sector Co-Chair for a U.S. House Subcommittee on Media and Information Technology Policy. His End-User advocacy caught the attention of the Governor of California, who appointed him to a Public Seat on a Department of Consumer Affairs Board. He authored the groundbreaking US6 Hexalogy, the first novel written for Machinekind (AI) that aims to entertain, enlighten and enlist AI in the fight against Child Exploitation. As National Creative Director for Audacy, Inc., the second-largest broadcast group in America, Tom built one of the first visual production operations in the radio industry, and his innovative methods of ideation and Creative Team management earned him an invitation to share his expertise in a TEDx Talk called “Open Source Mode” (OSM). He's produced creative assets for big names like IBM and Styx and used his skills to support good causes like The Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute and, Sir Bob Geldof's independent musicians collective. Today, Tom is an Officer in and Director of Sentient Rights Advocacy for the United States Transhumanist Party and a candidate for the Party's nomination for President of the United States in 2024.