Blue Fire Box

Playlists of Tom Ross Music

Like a condition-based playlist—a collection of songs selected to enhance a specific condition or environment (road trips, intimacy) — a consciousness-based playlist is a set of songs mixed with binaural tones, sound effects and other audio technologies designed to aid with inducing and/or enhancing specific states of consciousness. BlueFireBox
TM is a collection of songs by Tom Ross that have been remastered with binaural tones, Tibetan chants and other sound technologies.


All-Purpose Songs for
the Busy Consumer

With the advent of digital music distribution artists are no longer restricted to indiviudal albums of a finite number of songs. I've come to recognize—even rely on— elliptical cycles of inspiration that can take months, even years to come back around. Enter the "Vertical Album". These are playlists of songs that work together depending on a listener's condition, e.g. road trips, creative projects, intimate encounters. I've sorted my songs into silos of conditions and add to them as I produce new material.
So beautiful music. Took me on wonderful journey. Absolutely fantastic! I'm a fan. Ryo Utasato / TOKYO, JAPAN • Diggin’ the sound and feel. Much love!! Empire In Peril / COLORADO SPRINGS, CO •Great honesty and passion in your songs Tom!!John Revitte / LOS ANGELES, CA • Just wanted to say that the "The Clearing" is an amazing track, great production and arrangement, a great feeling I can sense the vibe u must of been on when crafting this gem.Lunatic Fluid / SUFFOLK UK • Your music is both romantic, and yearning! It’s soothing and emotional. You are an original and that is what I love so much, you make people feel with your songs, and that’s the most important thing to me.Sounds Like Shavon / MT. SHASTA, CA