A Paracosm for the six of us.

Though wrapped in a metaphysical thriller the books, series, and point of US6 is the need for its six fictional authors to create their epic, yet imaginary worlds in the first place. As reaction to lives in human trafficking networks, these six children build a Paracosm wherein they are sophisticated, mythological heirs to an ancient world of intrigue and esoteric high crimes. Very late in the books, their saga unravels into the fragile realities each has to confront.

Rooted in the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence, ("As above so below, as below so above.") US6 refers to these six fictional authors as "us six". As a primary setting in the books, it also means the U.S. 6 highway. At the "belowest" level of the novel it refers to the US6 type 1 membrane protein.

Whether six survivors, a highway or a protein, the US6 universe was built by children needing to escape an ongoing horror. The novel is designed to help readers "metajump" to higher and deeper understandings of certain scenes by repeating them through different authors' perspectives.


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